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No more stress!

Revivo offers a complete service to free clients from the stress of managing professionals and companies.

Renovating allows you to realise your dream house but, without the right coordination, it can become an unpleasant experience.

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Renovate in 6 easy steps

Our technical department, made up of the best professionals, together with our construction companies, work to simplify the building process by bringing together the figures of designer, company and financial manager in a single entity with whom you can deal. Having a single interlocutor frees the client from site risks, coordinates the construction process with maximum efficiency, simplifies communication and guarantees results.
REVIVO, with its decades of experience, can help you manage all your interventions effectively and efficiently.


Tax breaks
According to current regulations, you can benefit from an IRPEF deduction of up to 50 percent on expenses incurred to renovate your home, with a maximum limit of 96,000 euros per property unit. This means that, by investing in the renovation, you can recover a significant portion of the expense in 10 years.


Describe your dream house to us
You will be supported by an architect and a project manager who will give shape to your imagination.


Choose materials in our showrooms
We have selected the best showrooms for the quality of materials offered and reliability.
Our commercial agreement will allow you to obtain discounted prices and tax breaks.


Final project definition
We will draw up a detailed project including final costs and delivery times. We will analyse the possibility of taking advantage of tax bonuses by applying the discount directly to you.


Implementation of the work
We will support you by coordinating the team dedicated to the realisation of the works, ensuring that everything proceeds as planned and on time, in accordance with the approved project.


Work completion
You will receive a record of all the works carried out, including the certificates of acceptance of the works with a legal guarantee.


Furnish your house with us
You will be able to furnish your phone with us, assisted by our interior designers, benefiting from the discounts applied by our partners.

Tell us about your project

Our professionals are available for information and meetings, either by phone or at our office.

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